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Next Comumunication
February 28
 Mount Moriah Lodge #96
East Wallingford, VT

Dinner: 6PM
Meeting: 7PM



About our Communications


     The Vemont Lodge of Research is, what is know, as a "moon lodge". This means that our lodge meets near the day of a full moon. In our case we, whenever possilbe, hold our meetings on the Tuesday of, or following, the full moon during the months of February, April, and September.


The Vermont Research Lodge meets three times a year:

  • February - A Northern Vermont Lodge

  • April - Our Annual Meeting at the Rutland Masonic Center in Rutland Vermont

  • September - A Southern Vermont Lodge


  Typically VLOR starts off with a dinner, by the host lodge, starting at 6PM with our lodge opening at 7PM.


  We have, typically three presentations, per meeting about various topics of freemasonry, both inside and outside of Vermont. These include presentations on:

  • Masonic History

  • History of Masonry in Vermont

  • Famous Freemasons

  • Masonic Ritual

  • Information on Degrees

These presentations are posted online, after being checked to ensure that they do not have anything that cannot be revealed, in our Member Submissions


Any brother, whose Grand Lodge is recognized by the Grand Lodge of Vermont is invited to attend.



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