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1. What are the membership requirements?


Full membership of the Research Lodge is conferred upon Master Masons who are in good standing in a primary lodge within or without the State of Vermont. Each candidate for full membership must have submitted and published at least two papers in the Research Lodge Transactions prior to his petition for full membership. In addition, in order to remain a full member of the Lodge, each year, the brother must submit a paper of at least two double spaced typewritten pages in length, with or without footnotes, on a topic of Masonic history, symbolism, philosophy or current events.


2. How do I submit a paper?


To submit a paper to the VT Lodge of Research is a simple process. Two types of submission are accepted. The first is a paper you yourself have written which you wish to submit for inclusion among the Proceedings of the VT Lodge of Research. After sending your paper to us, you may be asked to read the paper at one of our Stated Communications, so please indicate if you would be willing to do so. If you are not a member, please consider becoming one by downloading and filling out one of our petitions available on this site. If you are a corresponding member, submission of two papers will make you a full member for the ensuing year.


 If the paper is one which someone else has written, and which you believe the author has given permission for publication, and which you also believe to be an important or worthy paper about Freemasonry’s many facets, then you may submit it to our growing library of Masonic talks. This library is intended as a repository of material for our Lodge Education Officers, or any other Brother, to use for programs at our Lodge meetings, or simply to expand their own Masonic education. It is a part of our mission to promote the knowledge of Freemasonry in the State of Vermont.


 Papers of either type should be submitted in electronic format, either as MSWord documents or as PDF files to:


Daniel Nye at:    nyedae@gmail.com




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