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   The Edward J. Wildblood, Jr. Vermont Lodge of Research #110, F. & A.M. was chartered by the Grand Lodge of Vermont on June 9, 1999. As a research lodge, it is not like other duly constituted lodges. The Lodge typically confers no degrees. Rather, it is entirely a vehicle for its members learning more about Masonry and for sharing that knowledge with other like-minded brethren. A number of these lodges exist throughout the world, including Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076, the premier lodge of Masonic Research in London, England.


The Vermont Research Lodge meets three times a year: February, April, and September.


Our April Meeting is our Annual Meeting, which is always held at the Rutland Masonic Center in Rutland Vermont.


Our February and September Meetings are hosted by different Masonic Lodges, throughout the State.


 The Bylaws state: The annual communication shall be the regular communication in April and shall be held at any duly chartered lodge within the City of Rutland, Vermont.  At the annual communication, the Lodge may vote whether to suspend any regular communications during the year.  It is a “Moon Lodge” and follows the historic tradition of bygone days in Vermont when meetings were held according to the full moon. At each meeting one or more of the full members of the Lodge presents a paper of Masonic interest to the membership. Spirited discussion is encouraged in the hope that all present will learn more about the Craft in the process.

    The members of the Vermont Lodge of Research are primarily interested in pursuing their own Masonic interests. Accordingly, not all papers are of a scholarly character nor are they intended to be. Rather, they are a way of educating the members of the Lodge and the Craft at large about Masonry in a fashion which is accessible and enjoyable.

If you are interested in expanding your Masonic horizons, you owe it to yourself to become a Corresponding Member of this Research Lodge. 







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History of VLOR (1999-2010)
By Bro. Eric Ginnett

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